My cute little farmboy

Last night we met my mom in Salt Lake around 11 ish to drop Tayv off with her and head to the hospital. Frankly, I'm so sick of telling the stories of the last week that I'm going to make that part of the story very short- I'm still huge.
Anyway, we drove to Kamas today to pick him up and I was telling Nate on the way up about Tayvin's conversation with my mom this morning: it was all about how he and Grandpa had chores to do. They got up early so they could head out to the hay field and then to chop wood. Nate said he was a little more concerned for his relationship with Tayv than he was for Tayv's relationship with my dad. I told him he might just have to buy a farm. When we got there, I found out that my cute little farmboy is now the proud owner of his very own work gloves! He has such a connection with the farm, the land, and the animals that I truly don't know what we'll do when Nate moves us away from it. I love that he loves it though!

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