Don't kill me!

I know, I know... I'm attempting to get some pictures up but-well, it's a long story-anyway,
we are doing great! We're definitely still adjusting but after we had been home 2 nights, Tahn started sleeping through the night-so at least we're getting a little sleep! Of course, then all he wants to do during the day is eat but who can blame him-that's all I want to do too! Tayvin LOVES his new baby and thinks everything he does is hilarious! He has been such a good helper and so patient with both mommy and baby-I could not have asked for a sweeter boy or a better big brother for Tahnyon. Anyway, I do promise to get some pics up soon... sometime...maybe... :)

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Heather said...

SO exciting! Congrats! What? Sleeping through the night? So dang jealous of you, but happy for you at the same time! :)