Was that fair?

Ok, I guess for those of you not close by, that's not really fair so I'll give you a slightly longer version:
Thursday-Blah-Blah-Blah- went to the dr, new dr, didn't check me, I cried. Went to the hospital for the tests-baby still healthy.
Friday-made Nate a fresh peach pie because I figured if I made one, I was bound to go into labor so we couldn't eat it. If I didn't at least we would have peach pie to eat. Went into labor, walked, showered, dropped Tayv off with mom, contractions consistently 5 minutes apart or less for 3 hours, went to the hospital, baby got scared, contractions died down, wasn't dilating much, dr doesn't want to induce me because of VBAC, sent me home at 3 am.
Super interesting huh?


Krystal said...

Hang in there...your baby will be here soon! Good luck too!!

Dean and Rachel said...

I am so sorry! I'm sure you are so frustrated! Keep me posted...