Overheard: Bert & Ernie

Tayv was talking to me about how big his stuffed animals are. This is about how it went:
"Bradley's too big to cuddle with. Actually, he's ok for me but not for adults. Cause he's as tall as me & Eli. And Tosh, Kenzie, & Kye. So, me, Tosh, Kenzie, & Kye. But Kye's as old as um....(thinks for a minute)... Bert. Actually, not Bert. But he IS as big as Ernie. And Bert & Ernie are old as Goliath. But Goliath is mean and Bert & Ernie are nice."
In all fairness though, I couldn't think of anybody the same age as Kye either.

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Dean and Rachel said...

Hilarious! I love kids...How big is your little guy now? I need a picture:)