I think that's a word. I will warn you right off the bat, I really have nothing important to say tonight-I just need to write. So feel free to close this window now if you want. Oh, and if you do read, please don't judge. I'm SO stinkin' tired so there is no creativity and the shortest, stupidest sentences you'll probably ever read.
-We're basically done with Christmas shopping. Feels SO good. We did most of it on Black Friday. I went for 48 hours with less than an hour of sleep but it was so worth it. My plan is to just enjoy the holidays now with my boys. Both Nate and I remember various years when we had smaller Christmases. We both like that we can remember those and recognize that there is nothing wrong with that. So being that we bought a new house and had a baby (our babies tend to be as expensive as adopting-hoping the next ones will lower our average significantly) this year, we decided we'd have a small Christmas. So I shopped the sales. Turns out now it's not so small-at least for Tayv it's not. I have no idea what to get Tahnyon-he doesn't need anything.
-Tayvin is pretty good at addition and subtraction. Today we started working on division. They're simple problems, mind you. But division none-the-less. He's growing up on me way too quickly. Breaks my heart whenever I think about it.
-Tahnyon is such a fun, happy kid. He had a little bit of a rough start-like most babies. But now he's basically always happy if he's slept and ate. Especially if someone is talking or playing with him. I had him laughing for like 10 minutes tonight. He's ticklish now. Love my boys. Oh, and he's been sleeping 8 hrs straight during the night. If I didn't already love him, I'd love him for that.
-Poor Nate. For 3 or 4 months he worked 10-12 hour days-in addition to the hour and a half commute. They finally got someone hired to help him out. He got fired last week. So now my sweet husband is back to working 6 days a week. But we are hoping the position he's waiting for will be opening by March. He was offered a couple positions in Denver but we decided to wait it out here-poor guy.
-It's been too cold to run here-at least for wimpy old me. But we're still planning on running a half-marathon this summer. Mostly though, I just NEED to dance. Oh how I miss it.

Pictures soon!

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