Sneaky Boy

I think Tahnyon is going to be my sneaky little boy. This morning at about 6, after feeding him, I put Tahn in his crib to go to sleep. He was being so quiet so I went in to make sure he was sleeping before I headed to the basement to work on a few crafts. He was wide awake and smiled as if to say, "You caught me! I was being so quiet too!" So I tried to put his binky back in his mouth so he could go to sleep. Apparently, as soon as he found his hands, he figured out that if he blocked his mouth, (yes- like a boxer) I couldn't put the binky in and thus, could not expect him to go to sleep.
Of course, I couldn't resist his smile so we played for an hour. Just can't get enough of this sweet, sweet boy!


Mac and Starr said...

You're still lucky that he takes a binky! Neither of my kids would, but I still haven't given up on Abigail. I'm still trying to see if she changes her mind. Next time we're in SLC I'll have to give you a shout and come visit your cute little family! We won't be traveling for a while though.

Ryan G said...

Hey Nate! I'm glad I found your blog. You have a cute family.