Count your many blessings-blah.

Will you excuse me while I throw up in my mouth? :) I've never cared much for that song-I like the message though-sometimes. Not tonight.
I seem to be having many 'moments' lately that I see what everyone else has and what I don't. Not so much material possessions though.  And I try to pull out of it.  But sometimes, counting my blessings just doesn't cut it.  I've noticed it comes about more when I'm not being really good about reading my scriptures but that's not even the case lately.  So, I'm just wondering... OTHER than counting your blessings and reading your scriptures, what do you do to pull out of those 'moments?'


Ariane said...

Create something. Sew, paint, whatever craft you do. Finish and complete something your proud of. I find when I get low, I think about my worst fears, losing a child, losing a husband, losing my arm, and since none of that has happened that makes me happy. And laying in my warm bed every night, comfy, I always think "what if my house burnt down today and we were sleeping in the freezing cold woods?" Extreme? Oh Ya, but it helps me go to bed feeling better.

You'll snap out of it. Eat chocolate till then :o)

Autumn said...

I would have to agree... Do something that gives you some satisfaction. Or do something selfish, something just for you. I know how you are Stacia, you never do anything that's just for you. You always give and give and give, and that's great! But every now and then you have to TAKE, just a little, for yourself.

Jenna said...

I make cookies for my neighbors. Really though, doing stuff for other people always makes things better for me.