Overheard-the latest for my 'journal'

-While praying: Thank you..."for these things, in this things, and all about these things."

-Me: "Tayv, can you please start eating your sandwich while I get your yogurt? We need to hurry so you can take your nap before daddy comes home."
 Tayv: "Oh wow, Mom, those are good manners. Thank you for asking with such nice manners but no. I'm sorry, just no."

-My sister will arrive home from her mission in New Zealand in 16 days!  While Tayv was praying this morning, "Thank you for Shara and that she can be in such a nice, safe place where it's summer."

-Also while praying this morning, "Please bless daddy at work where he is making lots of money and spending it. And saving some too."
 I wish it were lots!


The Bells said...

That's so cute! I can't wait until Isla starts talking. They say the cutest/weirdest/funniest things. Tayv sounds like a crack up. I bet you laugh ALL THE TIME.

[Stacia] said...

Yup, I'm pretty much laughing non-stop with this guy. And I have no doubt you will absolutely LOVE when Isla starts talking-especially when she's a little older and it's more than just a few words! And she's such an adorable little girl!

Amanda said...

Evie was playing with her dolls the other day and said, "How do we ask? Ask nicely. Say please." What little grown-ups they can be sometimes, huh?