Overheard-You can be a Doctor

   Nate's brother is finishing up his rotations and will be graduating as a PA this summer. So when Tayv's ears were killing him, we had Mo look at them to make sure that it was, in fact, his cavity causing the pain. Tayv being the little know-it-all he is, informed me that Uncle Mo couldn't look at his ears because "he's not a doctor."  I explained that he's going to school to become one and that when he's done with all his work, they'll give him a piece of paper saying that he can be a doctor.

So a few weeks ago, Tayvin discovered sticky notes. He thinks they're the greatest thing in the world! He was coloring on some while I was feeding the baby upstairs. Next thing I know, he hands me two sticky notes with 'writing' on them. He then informs me that the first one says, "Stacia, you can be a doctor." And the other one 'said,'  "You can be a missionary."  He gave some to Nate, too.  I love that he thinks missionaries are just as important as doctors.

And guess what... My baby sister gets back from her mission in New Zealand in 8 days!!! (Can't tell we're excited, though, can you?) 


The Richards family said...

Stacia I just thought that I would tell you I love to read all your cute littel things!! Your little boy is so funny. Anyway I am the stoker who reads your blog and I love IT!!

[Stacia] said...

Beau Dee- I LOVE stalkers (and stalking) and I love comments so thanks!

JoHanna said...

I cant believe Shara is comming home already, It seemed to go by fast what a difference 18 months is compared to 2 years. I am excited and Tayvin is such a smart and cute little boy!