Overheard: A new one

2 weeks ago, our ward was split. So as you can imagine, there are a lot of new callings being issued.  And my sweet husband who is always willing to serve, was called to be the Young Men's president.  I'm choosing to completely leave out my opinion on it because my feelings haven't yet reached a level that I'm comfortable with.  But I will tell you this... before we went into church on Sunday, I sat in the car with Tayv so we could talk about what's happening in our lives.  We talked about the change of daddy going to school and how his new calling would mean that he'd be around even less. That while we thought we would have weekends with him, that may not be the case now.
 Tayv: "But won't we be sad?"
 Me: "Yah, we'll be sad but we'll also be happy too because we'll know that daddy is serving Heavenly Father and helping people."
 Tayv: "Yah that's true." And then, (very apprehensively) "Well, do you think we should get a new one?"
 Me: "A new what?"
 Tayv: "A new daddy."

I realize this sounds very sad. And it was, it made me cry. I debated whether or not I should tell Nate but when I did, he thought it was hilarious. I'm sure it made him a little sad but he insisted I post it here. 

And just in case you were wondering, there will be no new daddy getting around here.


Autumn said...

OOOOHHH, that is so cute. I know it's sad, and I would have cried too... But so cute. It's quite logical, if one is too busy, let's get a new one! Funny how a child's mind works. I'm glad to hear there will be no "new one".

Mac and Starr said...

That's too cute! Just to give you some piece of mind, Mac has been the YM president here for a year. The first few months he was gone way more than he is now.....it just takes a while to get everything organized, but then of course there are all the scout trips this summer that will be taking up his time. It really has been a blessing though, so hang in there while the summers usually are the craziest!*

[Stacia] said...

Thanks for the advice Starr!