The Truth.

We were talking to some friends the other night about blogs and our own blogging.  They mentioned how it's frustrating to them that many people paint their lives as near perfect when they blog. I'm all for counting blessings and trying to look on the positive side but I think they have a point in that it seems like some are trying to deceive. So just in case you were wondering...
  • My house is often messy. I try to keep it clean and for the most part it's fairly organized. But there is usually stuff on my counter, I almost always need to vacuum, and you can pretty much bet there are toys on the floor.
  • I don't make Tayvin's bed everyday.
  • Tayvin's chore list often goes untouched for weeks at a time.
  • I make dinner most nights and try to cook healthy but I also like to bake and I LOVE SWEETS!
  • We are poor.
  • As much as I love making and fixing things up, if I could, I would buy new things instead of refinishing book cases, etc.
  • I don't shop at boutiques because I can't afford them.
  • As much as I hate waiting in check-out lanes at Walmart, I still shop there because I refuse to spend double on cleaning products.
  • I DO NOT work out everyday.
  • Date night usually doesn't happen in our house.
  • I don't wake up to make Nate's lunch at 5:30 am.
  • If we're not leaving the house, Tayvin's hair doesn't get combed.
  • Sometimes we stay in our pajamas until just before Nate gets home.
  • I don't really use cloth diapers to be green.  Mostly I do it to save money.
  • There are plenty of days that go by that I choose to read my own book instead of reading to my kids.
  • Sometimes I'm just too lazy to have veggies with our lunch.
  • I still have some V-day decorations out.
  • We can barely walk in the basement because I have so many projects in the works and I just haven't organized it in awhile.
  • I try to be supportive but the thought of Nate going back to school still makes me want to cry.
  • I am currently eating Muddy Buddies for breakfast.
  • I'm too lazy to use coupons.
  • Sometimes I choose to read a novel instead of the Ensign.
  • Sometimes I hate the sacrifices we are making in order to make our future goals.
There you have it, the truth. Come back soon for pics of our trip to Alaska if you still care to associate with us. :)
  • Oh, but the most important truth, we love our little family and are happy with our lives.


Mac and Starr said...

Seriously, love it Stacia! It's so true we put our best selves out there on the blog at times. It's nice to know we all are more alike than we know. I have such similar days as you and sometimes just want to read MY book instead of Dr. Seuss for the 100th time. I'm very impressed you use cloth diapers though! Way to go!

Dean and Rachel said...

Love the post....It's good to know that we're all a little messy, unorganized and not super happy at times. Hang in there:)

Rachal Sundberg said...

Love your post! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!! We have those exact kinda days/house/money stuff and it's nice to know we're not alone!

Amanda said...

Whoa, you do cloth diapers? Brave woman.

The Bells said...

I love this! What can I say, we all think it but we just post the "good" stuff. Makes me want to do a post like this! Thanks. :) Good to know there are other people out there like me...

Krystal said...

Love this post! I do mostly post "the good stuff" too...but I'll have to do a post like this too someday. You're too cute, I love your truths.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh... so funny! I appreciate all you say and I can totally relate! Good for you for being truthful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacia! Hahaa, all this time I was thinking you were perfect and amazing and wondered how I was ever going to live up to your amazing-ness... Now I know otherwise... hahaha jk, you are still amazing to me. Thanks for sharing that you are still human. Love,
Jessica McDonald