Overheard: Camping with a girl...

I walked into Tayv's room where he and Tahn were playing this morning and asked what was going on. The conversation that ensued...
Tayv: "Oh, I'm just telling myself a story about a dream I had about camping with a girl."
Mom: "Oh?"
Tayv: "Yah, and guess what? It was so deep that not everybody could swim out of the swimming pool. So I carried her out."
Mom: "Wow. That was sweet of you. You were camping with a girl?"
Tayv: "Yah. But I really should just camp with boys huh?"
Mom: "Um, probably. Unless your mom is there."
Tayv: "Oh, well Tahn and Daddy were there swimming with us too."
Mom: "That's good!"

It continued from there but this is the part I really want to remember. :)

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