Overheard: Christmas Shirts

In my closet...
Tayv: "Wow Mom, that's a really nice Christmas shirt you have. That one with the snowman."
Me: "Thanks pal."
Tayv: "Do you know what would be even more revrenter though?"
Me: (snickering) "What?"
Tayv: "A Christmas shirt with Jesus on it."

He's been telling me almost on a daily basis that "Jesus is THE MOST important thing about Christmas!"  All this time I thought he was trying to convince himself. Apparently not. :)


Alayna said...

I had to start following your blog today so I could keep up on the funny stories about your kids. Love your Christmas card too! (haha)
Merry Christmas!

Patti said...

Nate and Stacia, Apparently you two are doing a wonderful job- surrounding those two boys with the truth of the gospel :) Love, Patti