Overheard-You can be a Doctor

   Nate's brother is finishing up his rotations and will be graduating as a PA this summer. So when Tayv's ears were killing him, we had Mo look at them to make sure that it was, in fact, his cavity causing the pain. Tayv being the little know-it-all he is, informed me that Uncle Mo couldn't look at his ears because "he's not a doctor."  I explained that he's going to school to become one and that when he's done with all his work, they'll give him a piece of paper saying that he can be a doctor.

So a few weeks ago, Tayvin discovered sticky notes. He thinks they're the greatest thing in the world! He was coloring on some while I was feeding the baby upstairs. Next thing I know, he hands me two sticky notes with 'writing' on them. He then informs me that the first one says, "Stacia, you can be a doctor." And the other one 'said,'  "You can be a missionary."  He gave some to Nate, too.  I love that he thinks missionaries are just as important as doctors.

And guess what... My baby sister gets back from her mission in New Zealand in 8 days!!! (Can't tell we're excited, though, can you?) 


Overheard-Walking Backwards

We went over to visit with some of our neighbors today and Tayv wanted to ride his bike.  On the way back I was walking backwards in front of him.
Tayvin: "Hey stop that."
Me: "Stop what?"
Tayv: "That walkin' backwards stuff. It's creepin' me out. You're gonna wreck or somethin'! "

Can you guess what movie he's been watching?


Overheard-the latest for my 'journal'

-While praying: Thank you..."for these things, in this things, and all about these things."

-Me: "Tayv, can you please start eating your sandwich while I get your yogurt? We need to hurry so you can take your nap before daddy comes home."
 Tayv: "Oh wow, Mom, those are good manners. Thank you for asking with such nice manners but no. I'm sorry, just no."

-My sister will arrive home from her mission in New Zealand in 16 days!  While Tayv was praying this morning, "Thank you for Shara and that she can be in such a nice, safe place where it's summer."

-Also while praying this morning, "Please bless daddy at work where he is making lots of money and spending it. And saving some too."
 I wish it were lots!


I guess we'll try again.

Our Favorite pastime since Christmas...

CANNOT get enough of this sweet face.
Waiting to bowl...I wanted to get a picture of his inch long eye-lashes.
I'm not kidding. I measured them.
It just so happens that Nate decided he'd start reading OUR family journal right after I admited, in writing, that I don't like one of the church hymns. Now he says it's not ok to throw up in my mouth on the blog. So, in order to move it down the page a bit to make him happy- but not delete it, to make me happy, I figured I'd post pictures!

The angel baby...taken awhile ago.


Count your many blessings-blah.

Will you excuse me while I throw up in my mouth? :) I've never cared much for that song-I like the message though-sometimes. Not tonight.
I seem to be having many 'moments' lately that I see what everyone else has and what I don't. Not so much material possessions though.  And I try to pull out of it.  But sometimes, counting my blessings just doesn't cut it.  I've noticed it comes about more when I'm not being really good about reading my scriptures but that's not even the case lately.  So, I'm just wondering... OTHER than counting your blessings and reading your scriptures, what do you do to pull out of those 'moments?'


Sometimes the truth hurts.

Let's start with this-I just had a baby. 3 weeks after I had him, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But alas, a bit of the 'bread-dough' remains on my stomach.
Sometimes when I know Tayvin cannot possibly be full, we feel around on his tummy to see how many spots we can find that have enough room inside for another bite.  The other day after poking his belly, Tayvin informed me of this...
"Mom, my belly is squishy because I just haven't eaten enough. And your belly is squishy because you are 'flat.' And your belly is a little 'flat' because you didn't take good care of your body."

Yup. In all fairness though, he did hear it from me. Oh how I wish I would have thought of what those words would taste like when I had to eat them.   Oh well, maybe I can cover the taste with a brownie or something. :D

Just like most everyone else on the planet, occasionally Tayvin gets a little redundant with his prayers. Usually it's something to the effect of "Thank you for our leaves and our trees and our grass and our broccolli. And for this family and for our babies."  So tonight when he and I were getting ready to pray he reminded me that he was going to be reverent and that I should too. I reminded him to make sure his prayer was thoughtful. So, this is how it began...
"Heavenly Father, thank you for this bed and this room. And for this prayer that mommy gave me permission to say."