Overheard: Cat

When my little sister was on her mission in New Zealand, she became really good friends with one of her companions from the Philippines.  She had a terrible family background and not a lot of hope for her future.  My parents are sponsoring her so that she can go to school here so she has become an adopted member of our family... we call her Cat.

Tayvin: "Hey Mom, you know we're all homo sapiens right?"
Me: "You're right buddy!"
Tayv: "But you know who's NOT a homo sapien?"
Me: "Who?"
Tayv: "Cat."
Me: "Yes she is! She's a human being too-just like us!"
Tayv: "Not Cat like Catherine. Cat like Tom Cat."


Me: "Wow Tayv, you're getting awfully tan."
Tayv: "What?"
Me: "You're getting tan. It means your skin is kind of brown from being in the sun."
Tayv: "I don't want to be brown! Cat doesn't like her brown skin."
Me: "It looks cool when you're tan."
Tayv: "MOM! I'm not supposed to be brown, I'M WHITE!"

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