Happy Me

A few things that make me happy today....

  • We got to spend an entire week of evenings with daddy! No school, no church meetings, just us.
  • Only 5.5 more hours until our favorite time of day begins... when Nate pulls in the driveway.
  • For the 2nd week in a row, Nate will be here to run family night instead of Tayv & I doing it ourselves.
  • Tahn's chubby little flinstone feet that won't fit into any shoes.
  • The image of Tayv waving goodbye with a look of love on his face as I dropped him off at school.
  • Aree's tiny feet, tiny painted toenails, and beautiful big smile.
  • The possiblity of a lightning storm.
  • Cute little fingerprints on my newly washed windows and fridge.
  • The sound of giggling then fighting then giggling brothers at 6 am.

Find some of your own happys today!


These cute kids of mine...

I'll just put this out there.... pictures of the kids this year were a joke! The night before, Tahn got about
half the amount of sleep he usually does and WAS NOT going to sit for more than 3 seconds at a time,
Tayv tried but once we got Aree situated in his lap and turned around to put Tahn in place he just
had to move, and Little Miss was hungry. So basically,
 I didn't get a real smile from any of them. But they are cute little stinkers. :)


Miss AJ

What can I say about this beautiful little girl? She has brought such joy to our entire family when I didn't think there was more to be had. Her brothers LOVE her, her daddy is COMPLETELY smitten, and her mommy is having the time of her life dressing up this little angel. And to add to it, she's now coo-ing and grinning from ear to ear at anybody that walks by. We just can't get enough of her.

Pictures soon!


Our little book worm

Tayv has ALWAYS loved books. And especially now that he's reading and spelling. It's too much for me to handle... he can't be old enough to read yet.  Please, time, won't you slow down?

Tahn the man

This little dude is such a cute stinker. He is so happy and loving but can get so angry too. He's such a little smartie-looking at things for just a minute then figuring them out...like untying knots. Double knots. Anyway...
Tayv saw Tahn's baby book the other day and was looking through it. Guess what he said... "Mom, isn't there anything in here?" Yep, that's the kind of mom I am. So until I write something in it, here is a list of most of his words at almost 20 months.

  • AJ
  • apple
  • Arahlee
  • bampa (grandma)
  • bampa (grandpa)
  • banana
  • bath tub
  • bear
  • blanket
  • blinds
  • book-book
  • brr
  • bruber (brother)
  • Bye
  • car
  • cear-cel (cereal)
  • cheeks
  • cheese
  • chicken
  • chow-chow (chocolate)
  • co-co (cookie)
  • color
  • cook-cook
  • da-da
  • danger
  • diaper
  • dinosaur
  • doggy
  • door
  • dressed
  • drink
  • ears
  • eat
  • eyce (eyes)
  • fishies
  • gone
  • head
  • hi
  • hor-hor (horse)
  • hot
  • jacket
  • juice
  • like that
  • lion sound
  • lotion
  • love you
  • ma-ma
  • marmellow
  • mine
  • monkey
  • moo moo (smoothie)
  • mooom
  • more
  • mu-mu (muffin)
  • nigh-nigh
  • no-no
  • nose
  • oatmeal
  • on
  • ouch
  • out
  • peanut bubber
  • pibow (pillow)
  • pie
  • pineapple
  • play
  • please
  • prettydone
  • rare-uh (shara)
  • sal-sal (salad)
  • scee-scees (scissors)
  • shoes
  • sisty (sister)
  • socks
  • sor-sor (sorry)
  • Stacia
  • stinky
  • strawberry
  • string cheese
  • Tayvin
  • teeth
  • thank you
  • trash
  • trash can
  • wall
  • water
  • whoa
  • window
  • wow
  • yah
Remember this?  I certainly do-it was the best mother's day I've ever had. I thought it a good idea to revisit the idea.