Overheard: spy

Tayv: "Hey Mom, wanna play spy?"
Me: "Um, maybe. I'm just going to do something for daddy's b-day then I was going to try to get your presents together for your b-day."
Tayv: "Oh, ok. I'll probably spy on you."
Me: "hahaha, no I don't think that's a good idea."
Tayv: "Oh, I don't think I'll see anything because I'll be hiding behind a wall."

thing 1 & thing 2

With 3 birthdays coming up in the next month I've got b-day planning on my mind. Which reminded me that I never got around to documenting the boys' combined b-day party last year....Thing 1 & Thing 2

thing 1 was slightly confused by the Cat in the Hat's appearance... "Mom, I thought Ryan was going to be the Cat in the Hat?!"

But he got over it in time to color a hat.
The Cat helped too.

Even Tahn decided he might be ok with the overgrown feline.


Of course there's always time for spinning.

And did you know things like to hang upside down occasionally?

Again, "Mom, seriously, who is that?"

 Back to pinning the hat on the Cat....

Sue Sue didn't want to give up her hat.

Thanks for coming Fragas!

Creepy Ry, but totally cool.

My sweet mom who always saves my tail.

Apparently Kenz has a crush on The Cat.
 And just so we're keeping this blog real, Tahn went from this...

 to this... 
 to this...
 which is how we ended up like this...
 and this...

Thanks to Ry and Jen for creating a totally cool Cat that MADE this party.

 Only a thespian can bring out reactions like this...

and especially this...
Seriously, if you know my dad you know this is TOTALLY unheard of!

Enter the cupcakes...

And of course, he would be the one of my kids that would try to grab the flame. He has no fear of getting hurt.

That's my boy!

Don't forget about the watermelon and sno-cones!

Oh, and the 'Lava Man' scooter that shoots fire.

Man, I love these kids!


Overheard: Cat

When my little sister was on her mission in New Zealand, she became really good friends with one of her companions from the Philippines.  She had a terrible family background and not a lot of hope for her future.  My parents are sponsoring her so that she can go to school here so she has become an adopted member of our family... we call her Cat.

Tayvin: "Hey Mom, you know we're all homo sapiens right?"
Me: "You're right buddy!"
Tayv: "But you know who's NOT a homo sapien?"
Me: "Who?"
Tayv: "Cat."
Me: "Yes she is! She's a human being too-just like us!"
Tayv: "Not Cat like Catherine. Cat like Tom Cat."


Me: "Wow Tayv, you're getting awfully tan."
Tayv: "What?"
Me: "You're getting tan. It means your skin is kind of brown from being in the sun."
Tayv: "I don't want to be brown! Cat doesn't like her brown skin."
Me: "It looks cool when you're tan."
Tayv: "MOM! I'm not supposed to be brown, I'M WHITE!"


I am not a type A personality. But I definitely have some type A tendencies. Like planning and lists. I HAVE to plan. I haven't always been this way. I've always liked lists and I've always liked being in control (because, really, who doesn't?) But it really started once I had kids. You can't just up and leave for hours with kids. I guess you can but it's probably make many people miserable. Kids need naps. And food. And diaper changes. And routine.  Without a little bit of planning, they'll be missing out on at least one of those.  So.... I plan. And I make lists. And I schedule. And I have a routine.  And when one handsome man who makes decisions based off of everything BUT 'the plan' it makes me crazy. Not like I yell at him or start talking to myself. But I stew and wonder what will happen. And I have little patience for things that I can normally control.  So you can imagine how I'm functioning right now with things like this going on...
  • We have slept in our own beds a total of maybe 10 times in the last month and a half.
  • There has been talk about a new job opportunity (again) which would require putting the Masters Degree on hold..
  • Tayv will be starting Kindergarten at a brand new school. Because it's a new school I won't find out about his schedule until right before he starts. As in, the night before.
I think the universe is trying to send me a message. Let go, Stacia. Just let go.