Not much to say...

Well, it's Whatever Wednesday, which is my blogging day but I don't have a lot to say. Here a few tidbits of what we've been up to...

-Nate's job is going great! A few things have happened at the office that are pushing him harder and faster into the next level, but he's loving it. Hopefully, at this rate he'll be opening his own office before Christmas. He's taking a crew to Vegas in a couple weeks to do a week long blitz. Tayv and I might fly down and stay with him for a few days but we'll have to see because it's all guys that are going.

-My sister will be reporting to the MTC a week from today and we're not looking forward to it. She went to St. George for the weekend with some friends and while she was gone, Tayvin was looking at a picture of her and said to me in the saddest voice, with his puppy-dog look, "See Aunt Rara." I think that will be the hardest part about having her gone for so long- seeing her miss out on the kids' lives. Heck, she'll hopefully have 2 more nieces/nephews when she gets back.
-We got two puppies... Before my dad had grandkids, he was pretty much like a grandpa/favorite uncle to his roping partner's little boy. Jarom would always come sit with dad in sacrament and dad would always have candy for him. Apparently, he took Jarom a puppy once and Kurt (his roping partner) said he would get back at him. Well, last week I get this call...
"Hi Princess, is your dad home?"
"Yah, just a second I'll get him."
"No, no, no. Is your son home too?"
"Ok, thanks, bye"
I got off the phone thinking how weird it was and explained it. My dad knew instantly what it was all about, I believe it went something like this...
"He better not be bringing a puppy."
"Didn't I give Jarom a puppy once and Kurt swore he'd get back at me?"

Anyway, about 30 minutes later Kurt showed up with two puppies that look exactly the same. I couldn't stand for them to be separated so we ended up with both. They're both girls and Tayvin loves them! (I'll get pictures of them as soon as Tayv wakes up.)

-We had a great 4th of July! I flew in the morning of the 4th, Nate picked me up and we pretty much went straight to the parade. It was fun for Tayv to see the horses and get to catch candy. We went to the rodeo that night (thanks, Dad) where Tayvin loved the bulls and fireworks. He kept telling me how he wanted to ride a cow. My little bull-rider in the making.
The best part for me was the beginning of the rodeo. I'm very patriotic and usually can't get through the Star Spangled Banner without crying. They did something a little different this year before they sang the National Anthem. There was a flag ceremony while they played this incredible new song (which I've yet to find.) Anyway, it of course brought me to tears and I'm sure I looked like an idiot but I have such a great love for this country and most especially all those who have and are sacrificing for our freedoms. Not just those in the armed forces, but also their families and friends. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to sacrifice a spouse, child, or parent but I also could think of no greater honor. Thank you, to those who make sacrifices on our behalf.

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