Our newest bribery!

Most people know I'm pretty against bribery. Nate and I have had several discussions about not using dessert to bribe our children to eat dinner, as that will put dessert on a pedestal and make them think it tastes so much better than healthy food. (I'll spare you the rest of my theories on childhood obesity and such.) But for several reasons, I'm okay bribing Tayvin with the puppies. (For now at least.)

Reason #1: It won't make him fat. In fact, it's good exercise for him to run from the puppies when they're licking him and he doesn't like it.

#2: It makes it a novelty a little longer. Ya know how kids beg and beg and beg for puppies and you try to explain how much work they are but they don't listen? Then after you've caved and they've had their puppies for more than a few days, they suddenly think that even playing with them is a chore? Well, Tayvin is obviously too young to beg for puppies and to understand the work concept but still, knowing my sweet boy like I do, I know that it will wear off. So the more I talk it up, the longer it will last. (At least I hope so...)

#3: It gives him something to look forward to in the morning.
Anyway, without further ado... Here are pics of Tayv with the newest bribery...Crash and Sassy

And a couple cute pics of Tayv...The last one is his new thing-his fake smile!

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Lamb Family said...

What a cheeser! And quite a handsome fellow, I might add. It is nice to see that somewhere in the world summer exists. You picked the perfect time to move to Utah.