Some things I'm looking forward to...

-The local Melodrama is next Monday and Tuesday to kick off the celebration of our beautiful state's birthday. I grew up going to the Melodrama and usually knew all or most of the actors. I wanted Nate to experience the comedy and fun of melodramas so I took him to one that was put on in Anchorage for Rondy (I think.) It was okay, but not near as great as I remember them. So guess what we're doing for FHE on Monday? That's right... I'm going to subject Nate to more of my home-town memories. (In all fairness though, it's my turn right?)
-Batman! We've been planning this date for a looooong time now. We considered going last night at midnight but the last time we did that, we paid for like a week. We even had my mom pick up our tickets earlier today when she was in Park City so there was no chance it would sell out. The reviews have been great Oh, and Nate's buying me popcorn!
-Triathlon- There is a triathlon here at the end of August that I just found out about and really wanted to do, but since we haven't been training for it, I didn't really want to spend the money on it. So instead, my sis showed me this program that she's doing with her work. It's a two-week triathlon where you run 26.2 miles, bike 112 miles, and swim 2.5 miles. Of course Nate doesn't want to do it because he hates swimming, but I think I've talked him into it. And just for the record, it's not like I enjoy parading my stretch-marked, white skin around in a bathing suit either!
-Crafting- I'm loving the time I have not worrying about work and everything else. My mom and I split the housework and cooking so I stay busy enough to not go crazy but don't feel so guilty sitting down to play with Tayvin or read a book. So naturally, I'm getting excited to have some time to scrapbook, make cards, and find some super cute crafts I want to make!
-Our own space- Nate and I have never really had our own space. Since we got married, we've lived in somebody else's house. Not that we regret living at Helvi's-it was a great opportunity for us to start our family and finish school with no debt, and it was so fun being a part of the Culvers' lives. But let's face it, it's time. Tayvin needs his own room and we need our own space-Can't wait until we have it!
-BREAKING DAWN! I already talked to my mom about babysitting Tayv for the day so I can go to Salt Lake, get the book, and spend the day at the park reading. But this morning I looked into which stores are holding midnight sales the night before. I'm not usually that type of a fan but I'm considering it... (By the way, they've started the quote of the day on her website for anyone who missed it.)

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