Bear Lake

I will warn you right now...I used all my creative juices on cards last night so this will be a terribly boring post...

We left on Tuesday morning to go to Bear Lake for our Anniversary. We stopped in Evanston to buy Tayv some beach toys then went straight to the beach. We had so much fun watching our boy play in the water and then the sand. He was a little scared in the water if we weren't too close to him and he did go in head first once and had to be saved by daddy. I love Bear Lake though because it's shallow for so long that I could just let him play in the water and not worry about him going too far out. He and Daddy made a sand castle but we couldn't find any buckets so we had to buy a flower pot. So good job boys, making do with your lame, but too expensive, tools. Tayvin declared later that he was making soup and cookies with his shovel. He even added water to his "soup." I think this means I cook too much and should probably cut back...right babe? :) On the way back, I spotted a caterpillar. I've been trying to notice things that may be common to me but that Tayvin doesn't know about, and point them out so he can learn. So we stopped to watch this caterpillar that was inching faster than I can walk and all the sudden Tayvin just stomps on it and says, "Ew, bug. Stomp on it!" I reacted fast enough that he only got one stomp in and didn't kill the poor thing but it took everything we had to not laugh hysterically. Then I had to explain that we only stomp on bugs and spiders, not caterpillars. I think I've trained him well, we should never have another bug in our house again!

We camped on Rendezvous beach that night. Tayvin went to bed early so Nate and I played cards and ate candy! The next morning we went back to the beach for a few hours then went back and packed up camp. We went over to look at Nate's grandparent's old cabin then stopped for lunch and raspberry shakes... Most definitely the reason people go to Bear Lake! Thanks for a fun trip and a great anniversary, babe!

I put all my pics on my flash drive and lost it so as soon as I locate it in all of my scrapbooking stuff, I'll post pictures.

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