Out of the mouth's of babes...

Tayvin and I went shopping for new church clothes for him yesterday. We couldn't really find any we loved so instead, we just bought us some new clothes. (All on sale, of course.) He wanted to show everyone his new 'cowboy shirt.' So we went over to where they were hauling hay. This is how it went down:

Tayvin: "Cowboy shirt!"
Uncle Terence: "Wow, cool cowboy shirt. Where'd you get that?"
Tayvin: "The bag."
Uncle Terence: "Where?"
Tayvin: "The bag."
Me: "Translation? The bag."
Uncle Terence: "What bag?"
Me: "The shopping bag, Ter."

I sure wish that's all it took for me to get new clothes. Of course, then we'd have to build a second house for my clothes.

Check back later, we'll have news on Nate's job....

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