A day late and a dollar short...

Is that how the saying goes? I haven't got the day right yet this week. Everyday I would tell Nate it was a day later than it actually was. (Not that I wake up and say, "Good Morning Honey, today's Tuesday." But ya know, I'd just be planning or something and say it was the wrong day.)When I tried to get my brain straight today, I overcorrected and thought it was Tuesday. Nate "lovingly" corrected me AGAIN and informed me it's Wednesday... Whatever! Anyway, so since today is Whatever Wednesday, I'm supposed to post but I really don't have the energy to do a list or really anything so here's what's going on...
-I've been working on birthday party plans, I'll give you info after the party when I have pictures but the theme Tayvin picked was dinosaurs so we've got all kinds of dino things planned. (Actually, I gave Tayv the options of cars, animals, or bugs and he chose animals but then I couldn't find the right kind of animals for invitations so we changed it to dinosaurs.) Which brings me to my next grrr... I swear dinosaurs must be extinct or something... I have looked at so many stores for dinosaur anything and I have had no luck! No wrapping paper, gift bags, stickers, nothin'!
-Nate has had a few interviews and a few more coming up. Our first pick is one in Logan but we're not sure about all the details yet so we'll let you know what we find out!
-I'm starting to sell Mary Kay. I'm still not completely sure how I feel about it-I want to do it to help people and earn a little extra money but I'm not willing to spend a ton of time away from my family so we'll see how it goes. I'll probably be sending out invitations to my debut party in the next few weeks so if I know you and you have skin, you'll probably receive one! In the meantime, here's my plug... If you have any questions or want to learn more about it, leave a comment or call me... :)

We hope everyone is doing well...we miss you all!

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Sheri said...

Aww, I remember when my son was younger and obsessed with dinosaurs! My other son was in love with trucks. Such a cute age. I'm sure the party will be great.