Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I know, I know, his birthday was 4 days ago but I was so busy I didn't have time to do a post that day. I should have gotten up early to do one since that's the only time I can blog lately, but I was up till 4 the night before so I didn't get up until 7. Anyway, in honor of Tayvin's birthday, here is a list of things I love about him:

  • I love that no matter how upset I am, his smile can melt my heart in an instant.
  • I love those beautiful blue eyes with long lashes that just sparkle all the time.
  • I love that he says "sorry Mom" when he has to slip by me.
  • I love that he knows his manners and only has to be reminded half the time of using them.
  • I love that he loves to learn. He's always trying to use our words and asks about so many things. I hope he continues to have that love for learning his entire life.
  • I love that when I'm sad or crying he takes it upon himself to make me feel better.
  • I love his morning hugs when he's not too busy to cuddle with his mommy.
  • I love how he says his name.
  • I love that he loves music as much as his mommy and is always willing to dance or sing with me.
  • I love his confidence in himself. Sure, sometimes it gets him into trouble and he's going to have to manage it, but the kid will go far in life because of it.
  • I love how much he loves his family. From Grandma M to baby Haylie, he loves all his family and loves to pray for them.
  • Basically, I'm just the proudest mom there is and could go on and on forever. So, Tayvin, Happy Birthday baby boy, I love you.

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