Out of the mouth's of babes...

Tayvin's been so sick for the last week so instead of eating he's been drinking lots of juice and water. He also hasn't been talking much (which we all know is so out of character) but a couple days ago he was asking for his water or juice and this is how it went:
Tayv: "I like water."
Me: "I'm glad, mommy likes water too and it's good for you."
Tayv: "Grandpa likes juice. Grandma likes Coke-she doesn't like water."
Me: "Nope, Grandma doesn't like water does she?"
Tayv. "Daddy likes dinner."

Nate was not amused. We all thought it was hilarious. In all fairness, though, I think he really just couldn't decide what daddy likes because he drinks juice, water, and Coke.

Then this morning after I got Tayvin dressed from his bath we were all sitting on his bed talking and playing when Tayvin says, "Daddy, I love you" then comes to give him kisses and hugs. I had been trying to get him to come give me kisses and hugs for a few minutes. When Nate asked him who loves mommy he goes, " um, um, um, um..."
Not fair!

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