Another dissapointing update

I've noticed an unusual amount of traffic on my blog so I can only assume somebody really wants to know what happened with the Logan job. He didn't get it. I've taken a long time to blog about it because quite frankly, we were stunned. Call it pride, arrogance, whatever you will, but Nate's good at business and he's good at management. Therefore, I fully expected him to get the job. We did find out yesterday, however, why he didn't get it. One of the questions they asked him was what his long term goals are. He told them that eventually he wants to own and run his own small business. Apparently, they didn't hear the whole after retirement part of the goal and decided he was only interested in the job to pass the time. Now that we've had time to adjust and look at other jobs, we're really quite glad he didn't get it, because we probably wouldn't have turned it down. He would have had to work from 11 pm to 7 am and quite possibly 7 days a week for who knows how long. He wasn't thrilled about the idea and let's just say I was... less than thrilled also. So really, we were blessed in not receiving the job offer.
Nate is in Salt Lake right now, interviewing for a management training type job that pays less but has great benefits and is exactly what he's looking for. He has also applied to many others so now we'll just wait.
My Mary Kay business is going well and I'm actually really having fun with it. By no means am I rolling in the big bucks but hopefully soon, it will pay off.
Tayvin is doing great and is growing so fast. The kid's always been talkative, but lately I can't even keep up with him. (And he's giving his dad a run for his money when it comes to the talking award.)
That's about it for now, but we miss you all and hope to hear from you!

P.S. I'm seeing some strange traffic so if y'all can leave me a comment, let me know who is checking our blog-even if we don't know you!


JoHanna said...

Hey stacia, I thought I would leave you a comment. I didn't want you wondering who I was! I am so sorry to hear about the bad luck with the job hunt I hope that something turns up soon! See you sunday

Mac and Starr said...

Stacia--just making sure you know it's me and Mac who check your blog! Also, how do I see who's viewing my blog-the traffic? I tried figuring it out, but I guess not smart enough. Anyways, I'm sorry to hear about Logan, but it sounds like there are better opportunities elsewhere. We still need to plan a time to get together!

Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about the promotion...things happen for a reason though. Good for you on the Mary Kay business - I hope it really takes off for you! About the traffic, you will get "bots" every once in awhile that parse your site for search engines. They will give you a recognizable bump in traffic every so often. HTH!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacia,

Sorry he didn't get the job. Like you said...it's probably a good thing. The Lord will put you where you need to be:)

Good luck!


Mandy-Joe-Chase-James said...

Just me JoHanna's sister in Georgia--I am probably your strange traffic!