i am

This was by far the coolest tag I've seen... enjoy!
i am: going to get up EARLY tomorrow and work out.
i think: that we could accomplish world peace if women would pull together.
i know: I am a daughter of God.
i want: my children to become good, faithful, confident people. And I want a baby.
i dislike: picking up after my husband.
i miss: everything on TV! I always feel left out but don’t really want to waste my time.
i fear: losing a loved one-especially Nate or a child. It literally makes me sick to think about it.
i feel: “like a woman…doo doo do do do doo do”
i hear: silence-this is why I blog late at night or early in the morning!
i smell: like my new Mary Kay perfume-It’s divine!
i crave: sweets constantly.i cry: during every sad movie and often when Tayvin cries.
i usually: don’t want much to do with politics but lately…
i search: for my phone in my huge purse way too often!
i wonder: about things that I can’t possibly understand.
i regret: not learning from all of my mistakes.
i love: that I have a special mommy/son relationship with my little momma’s boy!
i care: way too much about what others think of me.
i always: want to throw parties (themed especially!)
i worry: that I will always have a mommy body.
i am not: skinny, tall, tan, or blonde.
i remember: “yesterday. Lookin’ back it doesn’t seem so far away…” any Colors fans?
i believe: respect can solve and eliminate any problem.
i dance: basically anytime I hear music.
i don’t always: pray and read my scriptures like I know I should.
i argue: about pretty much anything.
i write: in my journal every 2-3 years. Pathetic huh?
i win: very few games against Nate. Love the guy, but seriously, must he be good at everything? i lose: my patience and my mind way too quickly.
i wish: on stars.
i listen: to my boys play and don’t think life could get any better.
i don't understand: what is so hard about shutting the closet doors.
i can usually be found: jumping from one thing to another, not always finishing what I start.
i am scared: to death of spiders, snakes, rodents, you name it-I hate it.
i need: to hold FHE with my family.
i forget: how blessed I am way too often.
i am happy: with my life.
i tag: anybody that wants to play. I do hope somebody will do it though-this one is fun to see others' random answers!

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